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  • Product catalogues with technical information and advanced filters
    • Residential and automotive keys
    • Residential remotes
    • Key cutting machines
    • Key programming software
    • Complementary products
  • General information on key programming per vehicle
  • Product news
  • Product presentation and selected tutorial videos
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All the features of the Free Plan PLUS:
  • Complete vehicle key programming guide
    • Programmability score
    • Video tutorials of the programming procedure for individual vehicles
  • Detailed guide to copy any key with a Silca key cutting machine
    • Accessories guide and setup instructions
    • 3D animations on how to install any key on the Futura and Matrix key cutting machines
  • Interactive Automotive Tool
    • Overview of all possible combinations of keys, remotes, key shells and transponders to duplicate a vehicle key
    • Complete information on the transponder to use
  • Advanced tutorial videos
    • Essential support on machine set-up available for all the most popular key cutting machines
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